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    Friends, 4Ward Defense Firearms+Training is here to help you #ProtectEveryday and gain Sniper-Like accuracy. We know practice is essential, so here's your Shooting Guide + 12 FREE Targets to help you save a few bucks at the range.  

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    • Put ALL of your SHOTS EXACTLY where you want ON TARGET with this acclaimed guide. 
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    • Learn these Top 11 Pistol Shooting Mistakes and How you can avoid them.
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    • Increase your Confidence in your MARKSMANSHIP ABILITY with this expert guide.
    • Be the BIG DOG at the Range, knowingly exactly how to hit the bullseye EACH TIME!

    Here's just some of the awesome things about your FREE TARGETS:

    • $15 HIGH QUALITY Heavy Paper for better Target Rigidity during windy shooting.
    • HUGE 14" by 14" total Target Size.
    • Targets can be used for any type of marksmanship Pistol or Rifle.
    • Practice close engagement or place targets at 100 Yards- you decide.
    • Increase your Confidence in your Marksmanship with these extra targets!
    • More targets= More Practice= You shoot better!

    My name is Eric Ward and I’m a life long gun owner, safety instructor and firearms instructor. We believe it is not only your right, it's your responsibility to keep yourself and your family safe by learning to defend yourself. 

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    Take care and stay safe out there. -Eric

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