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Tactical Bag Liquidation 1

We are liquidating the bags to place a new business inventory order. Our loss is your gain!

Here’s Why Our Customers Are Happy to Pay $120.00 for the 4Ward Defense Tactical Shooters Bag

The retail price of the 4Ward Defense Tactical Backpack is $120.00. 

Since customers are happy to pay $120.00 for the value the Shooters bag provides, it’s making a  decent profit. That’s how businesses thrive -They Create value for people.

But because we want to get rid of these bags ASAP (we needed them gone ASAP last week) we don’t care about making a big profit. 

We just want to get rid of them ASAP. 

So we’re liquidating them at around our wholesale cost. 

Before we show you the One Time Only offer on these Shooters Bags -it’s important you understand why people are HAPPY to pay $120.00 in the first place. 

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Here’s what makes this Shooters Backpack awesome...

  • Plenty of Room to serve as a Shooters Range Bag, Tactical EDC Bag or a "Get Home" Bag for Disaster prep
  • Keeps Gear Organized And Protected from The Elements. 4 roomy outer compartments keep crucial gear and items safe. 2 fast access open top side pouches keep items ready to access quickly in an emergency- or to casually store that water bottle. 
  • Plenty of Room For The Small Stuff: 2 smaller interior compartments and mesh pockets give you quick access to smaller items you use frequently and want to keep on hand (money, identification, multi-tools, etc.).
  • It Can Take The Abuse: Odds are if you treat this bag the way our customers do you’re gonna treat it pretty hardcore- Which is fine since the since the bag is 600D Military Grade Cordura.
Tactical Bag Liquidation 1
Tactical Bag Liquidation 3
  • Environmentally Dynamic: This bag’s military comparable MOLLE system allows you to add on extra gear. This helps you customize your pack with additional pouches, accessories, holsters, scabbards, etc. This modular pack earns the name tactical- as it's ideal for a day at the range, a night in the woods, or when SHTF.
  • Comfortable for the long haul: Because carrying an uncomfortable bag is not fun, we built this bag to feel great. It’s got plush foam straps that won’t dig into your hips or shoulders. It also features adjustable buckles and straps, as well as a form-fitting chest strap to make sure the bag fits your body no matter what.
  • Easy To Use & Easy To Carry: The main compartment gives you instant access to gear by unfolding completely in half. This means you can strategically fill your bag and evenly distribute the weight of your gear - without worrying if you'll be able to access a crucial item when you need it. You can also carry this bag with ease (without putting it on your back) thanks to its sturdy reinforced top handle.***
  • Keeps You From Dying Of Thirst: The bag also features a hydration bladder compartment. Slip in a water bladder to always have fluids on standby. Remember, dehydration is a leading killer in a crisis (and being thirsty on a hike sucks too).
  • Will Last Forever (Or Almost Forever): This bag is made of bombproof 600 Denier nylon. Treat it like dirt and it won’t care one bit. The tough-all-over nylon webbing and durable cordura material will keep this bag intact - no matter what abuse you put it through.
Tactical Bag Liquidation 1

Backpack Specifications: 

When empty the tactical bag weighs 2.2 lbs. 

Size: 19.68"×11.8"×11.8"; 40L

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eBook Specifications: 

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While Supplies Last 

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Tactical Bag Liquidation 2

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Here’s Our 5 Star Money-Back Guarantee

Look, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase of the 4Ward Defense Tactical Backpacks. 

And we really want you to enjoy it for everyday carry!

That’s why we're giving you our unconditional money-back guarantee. 

If for any reason you’re not happy with our product, you have a full 60 days to get every penny you spent refunded- and you get to keep the eBooks as our special gift to you!

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Real Reviews From Real Customers

David Patterson

Norfolk, PA

“I feel much safer knowing I have plenty of room for my EDC. Plus, now I’ve got the best means to conceal my firearms. Many Thanks!”

John Huckaday

Los Angeles, CA

“The  Tactical Shooters Bag was quality gear and really fun to use at the range. I’m already looking forward to my next trip. What was also impressive was the strength of the buckles! Strongest I’ve ever come across…and I’ve literally been using backpacks for 20 years! Bring it on!

Jeremy Miller

Jackson, MS

“I’m a husband and father of 2 children now, so I’ve been looking for new ways keep my family protected. TheTactical Shooters bag  gave me the best means for concealing my firearms and keeping them safe. I feel so much better as a gun owner now, Thank you, 4Ward Defense. This bag has really made me feel at ease.”

St. Laurent

Buffalo, NY

“I’m not letting ANYONE take my guns. I don’t care who tries. I’ve got a wife and kids to keep safe. God bless 4Ward Defense for offering these Tactical Shooters Bags. They recognize the importance of keeping firearms in the hands of responsible patriots. Really great thing they’re doing with this offer. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will this offer be available?

A: This is a limited time only offer. We are only liquidating our inventory back down to normal levels of these bags. While we don’t have an exact time limited, it’s very likely that we will run out of supply within 24 hours of launching this offer.

Q: Will this offer be available again in the future?

A: We have no plan to run this offer again in the future, though it is possible. After this offer ends all of these products will be available at full retail price and they will no longer be wholesale priced.

Q: What are the costs for S&H?

A: Click the “Yes I want a discounted Shooters Bag” button below or above and go to the next page where you can see the shipping prices.

Q: What’s the deal with the money-back guarantee?

A: Our money-back guarantee covers you in case something goes wrong or for whatever reason you decide you’re not satisfied with your item. The money-back guarantee is there to protect your order and guarantee your satisfaction.

Q: Is this bag available if I reside outside of the USA?

A: No, unfortunately 4Ward Defense Firearms+Training is only able to offer these packages to those who reside inside the United States.

Q: How do I order?

A: Easy! Just click the “Yes I want a discounted Shooters Bag” button above, choose your package on the next page, fill out your information and your gift package will be on its way!