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License to Carry a Handgun Class

License to Carry a Handgun Class

License to Carry a Handgun Class

  • Houston's TOP Rated Instructors
  • FREE GIFT- $201 in BONUSES!
  • We teach SAFE Shooting
  • Learn all Texas Handgun Laws
  • 100% Pass Rate, 250+ FIVE STAR Google Reviews
  • Class is 10am-4pm total time.
  • Get your LTC quick from TXDPS- 3 weeks or less. 
  • This class will teach you to  #ProtectEveryday.
Texas LTC | License to Carry a Handgun | CHL

Take THIS class to carry a handgun in Texas *most places besides your Home and vehicle.

Some restrictions apply- Our Class covers ALL of the details for you.

#1 Rated Firearms Training on Google Reviews in Houston Texas.

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We stand behind our Training Courses 100%. All classes have a "No Questions Asked" Money-Back Guarantee that students will pass exams.

"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Eric sets the industry standard with customer service.

-Jon Dougherty, 5 Star Google Review

TEXAS License to


This License to Carry a Handgun class is open to all Texas Residents (and most non-Residents) 21 years of age or older without a criminal record. Our Texas Department of Public Safety Certified Firearms Instructors skillfully (and comically)  teach our students the law and how to best protect themselves and their loved ones- Lawfully and Skillfully.  In addition to IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO $201 in BONUS Training at purchase, our Class covers:

  • Texas Laws: Where you can posses a weapon.
  • Use of Force & Deadly Force
  • Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
  • Firearm Safety Rules
  •  Safe Storage and Carry of your handgun.
  • Live Fire Student Test (gun rentals available)
  • FREE $59 Mini Training- Pistol Basics
  • FREE $29 Pistol Mistakes E-Book
  • FREE $49 Confidently Carry E-Book 
  • FREE $29 Gun Buying E-Book
  • FREE $35 Self-Defense Guide
License to Carry a Handgun LTC


100% Money Back Guarantee on Passing Class!

Here's What REAL PEOPLE are saying:

Have taken other conceal carry classes, this one was by far the best. Tyler was clear and knew the material. He also presented it very well. Highly recommend it.

Conernce Cox


 Google Review

As a novice to firearms, I would highly recommend taking your license to carry class with Eric because he emphasizes the important things to differentiate during the law portion and made sure each person understood it. Tyler was an excellent instructor during the shooting portion because you will not only learn proper ergonomics, he was able to see what each person was doing incorrectly and instructed how to correct the mistake(s).

Jane Yim


 Google Review

I had a great experience. Even if you don’t have too much knowledge but are trying to learn, they make you feel right at home. Tyler and Eric were of great help and I highly recommend

David Joe


 Google Review

IF YOU WANT TO PROPERLY LEARN AND UNDERSTAND GUN USAGE....COME HERE!!I had the privilege to have Eric and Tyler as my instructor for skills and class portion and they are the best of the BEST. THANK YOU for being so patient and answering all questions =]

Tina Sim


 Google Review

Eric and Tyler were awesome! They were so patient, friendly, fun and allowed for as many questions as needed. I highly recommend using 4Ward Defense and I look forward to attending their other classes in the future!

Reesie Walker


Google Review

Great experience. Very knowledgeable instructor.  Any correction I was told to make, my shots improved!




Google Review

Amazing class and instructors!!!! For starters, the class was very diverse, which was amazing in itself! Eric presented the course content in a manner that was not only helpful and informative, but in a manner that allowed for easy consumption of the material presented. The scenario analogies and other examples and little details Eric shared were GREAT! To be honest, this course and experience is certainty not what I expected, it was quite the opposite....on a VERY positive note!!!! As for the shooting range, I was extremely nervous!...primarily because it had been 20+ yrs since I shot a firearm. Let’s just say Tyler made this a great experience for me. He was engaged and very helpful to each student. He took the time to give each of us constructive criticism that MOST likely helped us get even better scores. Overall, these two gentlemen were amazing!!! They were super pleasant, easy to talk to, and gave that 110% effort and customer service that you simply don’t see much of nowadays. If you’re looking to get your LTC and you’re in the Cypress, TX area you should definitely reserve your spot with 4ward defense and firearms. You will not regret the experience and the instructors are so amazing you can’t help but walk away satisfied!

Tammie Freeman


 Google Review




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4Ward Defense Firearms is amazing. Eric was a great instructor and friendly. He helped me with a better shooting technique to make sure I qualified for my license to carry. I would definitely recommend and even come back for other firearms related business.

Theo Jones


 Google Review

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much will it cost to get my CHL, now called the Texas License to Carry / LTC?

Q: Can the Teaxs State DPS License to Carry fee be waived in any instance?

Q: Will a license from my home state be recognized under the reciprocal license provision?

Q: Can others find out if I am licensed to carry a concealed handgun?

Q: How long will my license be valid?

Q: If I move, how do I change the address on my license?

Q: What are the requirements for obtaining a license?

Q: How much will fingerprinting cost?

Q: I know someone who I feel has a psychological problem and is unfit to carry any kind of firearm. He/she has applied for a license. Who should I speak to about my concerns?

Q: If I was convicted of DWI two years ago, can I still get a concealed handgun license?

Q: I was arrested four years ago for unlawfully carrying a weapon and the judge gave me deferred adjudication. Is this considered a conviction even though the charges eventually were dismissed?

Q: If a judge ruled that I was delinquent on my child support in 1992, but I have since worked out an arrangement with the Attorney General’s office to pay off the debt, can I get a license?

Q: If I spent time in a psychiatric care facility in the 1980s, will I be disqualified?

Q: If I was arrested for a crime but the charges were dismissed, will my application be rejected?

Q: Do you have to meet all of the federal Brady Law requirements to get a license in Texas?

Q: How can I find out if someone is a certified handgun instructor?

Q: Can I take the handgun training class at the DPS?

Q: Will I need to have a gun before I begin my training class?

Q: I spend a lot of time in Texas, but don’t live here year round. Can I get a license?

Q: How can I prove my Texas residency?

Q: If I am a legal resident alien, can I get a license?

Q: I retired from being a peace officer several years ago when this law was not in effect. Can I be “grand- fathered” and allowed to pay the $25 fee and waive the proficiency test?

Q: Once I send my application in, how soon should I expect to get my license?

Q: Can I get my money back from DPS if my application is not approved?

Q: If I am licensed in Texas, can I carry my concealed handgun in another state?

Q: Are police officers, retired police officers, judicial officers, ex-DPS or retired DPS officers required to take the handgun course for proficiency certification, or are they exempt?

Q: If a student doesn’t pass the DPS-certified course, must the instructor return the applicant’s money?

Q: Will all classroom tests be in English only?

Q: Can I start carrying a concealed handgun as soon as I receive my license in the mail?

Q: What does concealed mean? Can’t I carry my handgun in plain view?

Q: Where can I not take my handgun?

Q: Can I carry a handgun when I am drinking?

Q: Do police officers have the right to disarm me?

Q: Do private property owners have the right to exclude license holders from their property?

Q: If I don’t want guns in my business, what type of signs should I post?

Q: If I drive to a shopping mall that does not permit handguns, will I be allowed to park in the parking lot and leave my gun in the car?

Q: Can I carry my handgun to a shooting range without a license?

Q: If my handgun is on the seat beside me, am I still considered to be “carrying?”

Q: If I am not carrying my handgun, must I still carry my license?

Q: What type of gun will I be able to carry?

Q: What type of ammunition can I use during my training class?

Q: If licensed, can I carry more than one handgun?

Q: Can instructors teach anywhere in the state or only in a particular geographic area?